5 Simple ways to relieve stress.

5 Simple ways to relieve stress.

We all have stress which is a natural cycle, more common than you would believe. Stress affects every aspect of people's lives, the question is, how do you manage it?  Try these techniques to relieve stress. 

      1. Take a deep breath.

Just stop what you are doing and breathe in deeply through your nose to a slow count of 8. Exhale slowly to a count of 8. Do this two to three times in any situation and you can reset your nervous system. —Lynell Ross,

In addition to that essential oils can make you more relaxed with pure essential oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil to make skin safe. Roll this blend on your temples or upper lip to help promote a sense of relaxation. Bring happy thoughts to your mind! This blend will uplift and leave you in a good mood. - The benefit of essential oil (sweetdreambeauty.com)

  1. Go for a walk.

Walking is a great way to relieves stress and it can be an exercise choice for some people. A brisk 30-minute walk burns 200 calories.

  1. Dance like nobody’s watching to literally and energetically “shake things up.”—Nicole Starbuck, a spiritual mentor and life coach
  1. Cuddle, kissing and hugging can help relieve stress.
  1. Have great sex/Masturbate.

Sex reduces levels of stress hormones by the production of endorphins and other hormones that naturally boost your mood and calm your down. With the COVID situation, you might have an issue with long-distance relationships so in this case, sex toys are a good choice. If you don’t mind I would suggest to do this before bed, you will feel relaxed and ready for bed.

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