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Aromatherapy Calming Scents for Stress Relief to Help You Relax

Scents significantly affect your mind, emotions, and stress levels. Certain scents promote relaxation. After a long day, who doesn't want to relax?

Aromatherapy is a great and simple way to relieve stress. Just pour in the essential oil of your choice and turn on the scent diffuser. There are other methods of using essential oils.

Aromatherapy has been shown to carry many benefits in wellness and stress relief. A lavender sachet next to your bed or the smell of a scented candle can do wonders for relieving stress and help you unwind from your day.

The most popular aromatherapy scents used for stress relief are Rosemary, lavender, and the other scents listed below. Here are common ways to use essential oils for aromatherapy at home with the description, look at their effects and suggestions on how to make the most of them so that you can match the right scent with your aromatherapy needs.

Aromatherapy Calming Scents for Stress Relief to Help You Relax - Sweet Dream Beauty

Aromatherapy Diffuser: A common way to use essential oils is to place a few drops in a diffuser. Room diffusers fill a space with scent by spreading the fragrance of essential oils through the air.

Drop Essential Oils into a Bath: A warm bath provides a great opportunity to enjoy the scents of essential oils. The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy suggests combining two to 12 drops of essential oils (3) with one teaspoon of a dispersing agent to help the essential oil dissolve in the bathwater.

Lotion and Massage Oil: Aromatherapy massage involves using essential oils diluted in a carrier oil and rubbed onto the skin. Like sweet almond oil, Carrier oils are plant oils that have little or no scent and are utilized to dilute essential oils, which are often too concentrated to apply to the skin on their own.

5 best scents for relaxation.

1. Lavender
Lavender has a variety of traditional uses, including the treatment of burns, anxiety, and bug bites.

It is probably the most notorious essential oil for those seeking calm, with numerous studies showing its benefits. Lavender helps to soothe the nervous system, which can help with relaxation and sleep.
The best scent for sleep. Lavender can aid sleep quality, mood and decrease anxiety and stress.

2. Vanilla
Not a fan of stronger scents like lavender? Get the rest you deserve with the calming scent of vanilla.

This familiar sweet scent is a natural tension reliever and mood booster. It can also help you get a more satisfying sleep at night.

3. Rose
Another popular scent, rose has a delicate, floral aroma. This is another excellent choice for those who prefer lighter smells. It's believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as promoting relaxation. Studies show it may help those with menstrual pain, bloating, and insomnia.

4. Bergamot
Bergamot has a citrusy fragrance taken from the rind of the unedible bergamot fruit. It may sound unfamiliar, but the fruit gives Earl Grey Tea (also called Bergamot tea) its citrus flavor. Bergamot's aroma may be an excellent addition to stress relief and promoting relaxation.

Do not apply bergamot or any citrus essential oil directly to the skin.

5. Clary Sage
This calming scent also doubles as a tea flavoring. Clary sage is a herb related to the sage commonly used in cooking. Although it smells similar to sage, it's not as heavy. This is the right scent if you like herbal fragrances over floral ones. Clary sage is an antidepressant and anxiety reducer. The scent can ease menstrual cramps and some menopause symptoms.

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