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Make Your Room Romantic for Valentines Date Night 2022

Whether you’re a couple that has been through thick and thin together throughout the years or at the budding of your romance, regardless, you’re going to want to bring out the best for each other on valentine’s day.

If you’re looking to spice up your date night, the first rule is creating a romantic ambiance that entices your partner. To do so, your best friends are going to be candles, essential oils, and diffusers. Scent and sight are closely associated with sensuality, and we recommend you use these to the best of your advantage.

Remember! Your bedroom should be calling and asking for it as much as you are to heat things up.

Soy Wax Candles

Our bedrooms are the epicenter of our romantic relationships, that is where a lot of magic happens, but it also spaces you share the most with your partner. Chances are, you’ve gotten used to seeing each other there.

Adding lights, dinner lights, charming fragrances incites romantic feelings. This is why aromatic candles are a must-have for any date night. Our soy wax candles, made with soybean oil, are longer-lasting, easy to clean up and support local farmers. The scents range from rose, currant, grapefruit to ginger.



Using essential oils is a great way to spice up your romantic plans. While there are many benefits to using these oils, it also helps to change your mood. The scent, as previously established, plays a huge role in romance. It can boost the mood for a sexy night, especially if you’re looking to make your valentine’s night extremely special.

Our quality diffusers are an excellent investment for many nights to enjoy with your partner and something that can be a potential gift for your significant other to relieve the stress of uplift their mood.

If you’re out of valentine’s day gift ideas for your partner and want to make their day meaningful, check out our selection of candles and diffusers as a perfect gift.

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