Popular Types of Blogs you can Create in 2023

Popular Types of Blogs you can Create in 2023

Are you planning to get into blogging but don’t know what to write about? If so, then our guide will be helpful. We tell you about the popular blog categories or types. These are the types you can work on in 2023 to be a successful blogger. All the blog categories listed are ones that can get you a good readership. 

As long as you can create useful content and promote it, there is no reason why your blog can’t be successful. This guide explains the different blog types to help you decide which one you should take up. 

9 Popular Blog Types 

  1. Wellness blogs

With people just getting over the pandemic, there is a lot of awareness about wellness and health. They would like to improve their health, be fit, lose weight, and avoid falling ill. If you are in the wellness and health sector or have some knowledge of it, you can create a wellness blog with resources. The blog will also give you a chance to sell affiliate products and it is a good way to make money. 

  1. Food blogs

One of the most popular blog types today is food blogs. Anyone can become a food blogger. Cook food at home and shoot a video or take pictures. Share the recipe and if your photos and write-ups are good, your blog can be a success. You can also choose to visit cafes, restaurants, and food outlets and share views. Video reviews and written reviews are both popular. You can also choose to specialize in a particular niche – like vegan food or seafood.


  1. Personal finance blogs

People today are more aware of the need to save for the future. They are looking for useful information on how to cut down expenses and where to save their money. Personal finance is an area that helps people make money. If you have expertise in this area, you can either write blogs or make video blogs introducing personal finance concepts. You can also provide tips and share resources that are helpful. 

  1. Self-improvement blogs

To be successful at work or in life, improving your personality is the key. You need to be a better person and for that, you need to pick up new skills. Self-improvement is an area that focuses on skills needed to improve one’s personality. It includes communication skills, speaking skills, time management skills, etc. Blogs on self-improvement are popular. If you can write well and hold the reader’s attention, you can create a successful self-improvement blog. 

  1. Travel blogs

Travel blogs have been popular and will continue to be. In 2023, there will be more people travelling. After uncertainty due to the pandemic, the travel sector is returning to normalcy. People are looking for new destinations to explore and information about the destinations. As a travel blogger, you can share your experiences visiting places. You can also create destination guides allowing people to get to know little-known places. A good write-up, attractive photographs, and videos will help you create a successful travel blog. 

  1. Fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty is an evergreen blog niche. If you have an eye for fashion, you can write articles related to fashion. You can write about new fashion products, beauty tips, and fashion trends, and even cover fashion shows. A good fashion/beauty blog needs to have many photos and/or videos that clearly highlight the products. It is a blog idea you can monetize by linking to fashion products and getting affiliate commission of sales. 

  1. Parenting blogs

We live in a competitive world where both parents are busy at work and do not find much time to spend with their children. All such parents are concerned about their kids and are worried if they are bringing up kids the right way. They look for online resources and this is where a parenting blog would help. You can share tips about parenting and cover all aspects. 

  1. Relationship blogs

Many people look for relationship advice and tips. It is not easy to be successful in a relationship with all the challenges in the world around us. You can share your expertise in this field by creating a blog that offers resources. You can even run online webinars or offer to counsel people who need it. 

  1. Photography blog

A photography blog is meant for photographers to showcase their work. If you are a hobby photographer, you can show off your work and get appreciation for your amazing photos. If you are a professional, you can use your blog to advertise your services and get clients.

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