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If you've been searching for a quick and easy way to add a pop of color, texture, and personality into a room, then cute pillow and throw pillows can be the answer. These little pieces of home decor heaven are versatile and hold power to tie together even the most basic of rooms instantly. Cute pillows can be a good idea for Valentine's Day and the best choice for home decoration. It's easy to refresh your home decor with decorative throw pillows and cute pillows. Add a toss pillow to your sofa or bed to bring a whole new look to your family room, living room, or bedroom. Our assorted throw pillows make the perfect couch accessories.

Why Are Throw Pillows So Expensive? You might curious about the price of throw pillows; it's quite expensive. Luxury throw pillows may cost upwards of $50 to $250 or more, especially if custom-made. What makes a throw pillow expensive? Throw pads are often costly due to the fabric used, shape, and design. A throw pillow made of leather, silk, or sheepskin offers more excellent durability, enhances comfort, and is more expensive than a cushion made from cotton or faux fur.

Keeping your throw pillows clean and fresh. Follow these tips to help you maintain the vibrant colors of your pillows almost effortlessly!

Throw Pillow cleaning and maintenance tips.

The first step is determining the proper cleaning method for your pillows. Look for a manufacturer's care label on your protector. Some will say dry clean only, and others might say to hand wash the cushions with a mild detergent. Still, others will tell you to spot clean only.

  • Silks and velvets typically require the use of dry cleaning fluid. For other materials, like cotton or polyester, gentle washing with water.
  • Do a spot test of the fabric using a white towel with the proper cleaning solution for the material. Blot it against the throw pillow and hold it for 30 seconds. Then inspect the towel for any color transfer, allow it to dry, and inspect again to ensure the color has not faded.
  • You can clean them with a good upholstery shampoo and a good-quality sponge. Work the foam shampoo into the pillows in circles, paying particular attention to piping and other crevices. Blot the excess moisture and shampoo with clean white towels.
  • If dry cleaning is indicated, use a clean and dry sponge dipped into the dry cleaning solution to clean the fabric using the same circular motion, working it into the pillow's piping, creases, and folds. Again, blot it with clean white towels.


To help you find the perfect decorative pillows for your room, Sweet Dream Beauty offers a stunning online selection of cute pillows. Our wide variety of pillows is sure to have a lovely one to fit your dream design.

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