The Benefit of essential oil

The Benefit of essential oil

The Benefit of essential oil.

The Benefit of essential oil

Feeling stressed or anxious with COVID-19? I think I know your answer! But you can manage your emotions and improve your mood. Do you know essential oil can help to reduce stress and anxiety?

Essential oils can help to ease stress, relax the body, boost mood, reduce headaches and migraines, help you sleep better, quell nausea, and even repel insects and enhance massage therapy. In addition, essential oils can improve skin conditions, help treat the common cold, and encourage healthy digestion.

Here are the benefits of some popular essential oils.

  • Chamomile: Reduce stress
  • Clary sage: Promote relaxation
  • Eucalyptus: Clear sinuses  
  • Ginger: Reduce nausea
  • Lavender: Better sleep
  • Lemon: Increase happiness, improve concentration
  • Peppermint: Boost alertness, reduce headaches
  • Rosemary: Increase focus
  • Sweet orange: Reduce anxiety
  • Ylang-ylang: Decrease stress

How to use essential oils.

  • How to use essential oils with a diffuser. There are several types of essential oil diffusers that you can use for this. Sweet lavender honey with melatonin The best used in the last hours of your day, during preparation before bed, in and around your bed and room. If you are sharing your bed with a partner, they will love the sweet honey lavender vitamin water vapors that will fill the air with an amazing aromatherapy effect. Recommended usage:    5 to 25 inhalations within an hour or less of bedtime or if you wake through the night, tossing and turning, a few light inhalations may help calm your mind.
  • How to use essential oils for massage. In a variety of ways. Earthly Calm Pure Essential oil usage methods- apply in 2-5% dilution with massage. With tarragon, basil, sweet marjoram, lavender, and other soothing oils. Tarragon and basil help with relaxation; cypress and marjoram increase warmth and positive blood flow and other ingredients help with increased calm. You should drink water after a massage to help the body flush toxins released from areas with newly increased blood flow.
  • How to use essential oils in a bath or shower. Add a few drops of essential oils to your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash or add a few drops of diluted essential oil to a warm washcloth that can be used for inhalation and to gently exfoliate your body.
  • How to use essential oils with a diffuser. There are several types of essential oil diffusers that you can use for this. Popular types of essential oil diffusers include: ceramic, electric, candle, lamp rings, reed diffuser and ultrasonic.

Essential oils are never applied directly to the skin. They must always be diluted with a carrier oil. Usually, a few drops of essential oil to an ounce of carrier oil is the concentration. Most common carrier oils are sweet almond oil or olive oil. These should never be applied directly to skin unless properly diluted: Bay, Cinnamon, Clove, Citronella, Lemongrass, Oregano and Thyme.

Always test essential oils on a small patch of skin before applying to a larger area.

To do an allergy test:

Dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil at twice the concentration you plan to use

Rub the mixture into an area the size of a quarter on the inside of the forearm

If there is no allergic response within 24 to 48 hours, it should be safe to use.

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