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What to Expect When Your Relationship Passes 3 Months

There are specific milestones to mark in a relationship and different meanings to those milestones. The 3-month milestone is often seen as when you have to decide if you want to keep seeing the other person. Some say that the first 3 months of a new relationship are the best, but some studies show that during this time, couples typically experience the most conflict.

Below, I will discuss what people can expect when their relationship has reached 3 months: In the first 3 months, you're new and exploring your relationship together is exciting. You're looking forward to one day being able to say "I love you;" the two of you are learning how each other ticks, finding out what makes each other happy and enjoying all of the little things together like going on walks or making dinner together. And if they're a good match for you, this is often also when they tell their friends about your relationship and ask them for advice.

By the end of this period, if you've been dating a while and things are going well, the two of you might be discussing a future together. If they do, this is typically considered one of the first real milestones in a relationship because it gets more serious. This milestone means that both people are trying to take it slowly and not rush into a long-distance relationship or having kids. So what do 3 months look like when you are new to each other?

What are Some Tips for Healthy Relationships?
How to have a healthy relationship
-Love yourself first. Stop singing your praises so much, and you will never hear anyone else doing it.
-Spend time with people that are inspiring and nourishing to you intellectually and emotionally so that they can help you grow.
-Don't allow yourself to be with someone just because they make you feel like a perfect person on earth; find someone who challenges and inspires your growth.
-Don't compare yourself to others, and don't let other people compare themselves to you.-Refuse to be a victim of abuse. How to have a healthy relationship:
-Take care of your wellbeing by focusing on what you can do for yourself in the present moment such as exercising, eating healthfully, spending time with supportive people, and challenging negative thoughts.
-Practice self-love daily by honouring yourself and taking care of your emotional wellbeing.

The Complete Guide to Relationship Meltdowns and How to Prepare / Recover
Introduction: What are the Signs of a Coming Breakup?
We've all been there - that painfully slow process of realizing, "I want out." Whether you're in your teens or your thirties, the thought of a relationship breakup can be scary and overwhelming. But the first step to ending the relationship is understanding where you stand.

How do you know when a breakup is coming?

You're not happy. You may have been fine with your relationship a few months ago, but now it feels like it's just not working anymore. You've lost that spark. You've started feeling more and more resentful, sorry, and frustrated. You're not yourself anymore. When you begin to feel this way, it may be time to take a step back from your relationship and see if it's worth saving or if it needs to be ended for good.

Healing Your Broken Heart & Moving on After a Breakup
I am amazed at how the heart always finds a way. The heart is an organ that can take a while to heal when it's broken. It may take months, years and even decades to get over a breakup but you will eventually recover.

This article has some tips on healing from your broken heart and moving on with your life after breakups and moving On After a Breakup.

1. The first step is to take a break from social media. Cut out all social media because it can add more stress and self-loathing. Only take to social media platforms or even get on your phone for whatever period you decide upon (usually a few days). If you are struggling with letting go of your ex, then it is recommended that you avoid social media for at least one week.
2. Go outside, even just to your backyard or a park. Take a walk or run around in the fresh air. If you're feeling brave, invite your friends and family to participate in the fun with you!
3. Read some articles about healing from your broken heart and building yourself back up after a breakup
4. Remember that everything will be okay when you eventually have time for yourself again!
5. Get back out there! Start dating again, go on one-on-one dates, or even find someone yourself. Just remember to be open-minded and not let any negativity from your ex get in the way of finding love again.
6. Find someone you can trust! If you still have feelings for your ex but want to keep them at bay, a close friend or family member could be a trusted confidant when providing support and checking in about how things are going with the person you're dating.

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