Soy wax candles

How to make soy candles

Supply list for making homemade soy candles.
1. Pure soy wax flakes (non-GMO)
2. Prepare containers to make your candles in (glass jars or ceramics) to ensure the item is heat-proof up to high temperatures or reuse the old glass candles.
3. Wicks
4. Glue or tape to hold the wick to the bottom of the container.
5. Scissors to trim your wick
6. Heat-proof container for melting the wax in.
7. Stirrer
8. Measuring cup to measure your wax
9. Workspace cover to cover work surface to make sure it can clean up easily.

How to get the wax out of old candle glass?
Fill them with boiling water, then leave the water to cool, and the wax lift to the top of the water. To get rid of the black soot- scrub with dishwashing liquid and warm water; then, you will get a clean old one then look like a new one.

Tips: what we make are unscented soy candles. To make scented soy candles, you need to drop essential oils, better to use 100% pure essential oils.

The Steps
1. The wicks, add the wicks, measure the height by holding it next to your container, and then add a few centimeters on the bottom and top. Used sticky tape, fold it around itself to make it double-sided, then secure it to the bottom of the glass or ceramic. Use a skewer to press the wicks down and stick it to the bottom. Later on, you will need something to hold the wick taut and centered; what I use is the bag clips that perfect size to fit it over the jars.

2. Pour them into the heat-proof jug and then use a microwave for 1 minute, then take them out, stir them and do microwave again for 1 minute and stir. Use a paddle pop stick for the stirring; if you see it not melted need to continue the microwave again for 20 seconds.

3. Many recipe resources show how to create your blend. I recommend writing it down which oils you like, then start to mix until you get a scent you want and make sure you keep track, how many drops you add. Once you have stirred in your fragrance, pour the wax into the containers and leave them to set around 12 hours.

Bravo, you just made the best soy candle! It could be a special gift to give to friends, family, and a gift to yourself.

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