How To Find Out If Your Partner is Ready to Propose?

How To Find Out If Your Partner is Ready to Propose?

It is often a process to know what your significant other wants, especially when it comes to marriage. Although many women may be eager for this proposal and will find ways around it, for some, it may take some more time before he feels ready to propose. This guide provides hints on how you can tell if your boyfriend or husband is ready to propose and give you general dates on when to expect this process of time to unfold.

Signs that Show He Might be Ready

1. He starts talking about the future. He'll start making proclamations about what he wants for you and the future. And he'll start to get specific about those things. "I want to buy you a house" or, "I think we should marry soon."

2. He starts giving you expensive gifts. It could be expensive jewelry or a car. But if he's been giving you gifts before and then out of the blue he starts doling out pricey pieces. It's time to pay attention.

3. He starts avoiding you. He stops inviting you to hang out with his friends, stops responding to your texts, or suddenly starts getting angry when you try to tell him how your day went.

4. He starts cancelling plans at the last minute if he cancels plans at the last minute or changes plans constantly and complains about it. It's time for a reality check. There's something going on that you might not be aware of.

5. He starts talking about moving in with you. He might say it's for convenience or that he doesn't want to live by himself anymore. But watch out if he starts talking about moving in together as soon as possible.

6. He starts becoming possessive and jealous. If your guy is expressing a lot of jealousy, complains about how unfaithful you are, becomes possessive, or has irrational fears that you're cheating on him, it's time to reevaluate your relationship.

7. He starts talking about marriage, kids and the future. If he doesn't want to wait until you're ready for marriage, he might not be ready to commit in the first place. If a guy is jumping through hoops for you, it's time to question things.

8. He starts to neglect his friends and family. It's a red flag if he's spending less time with his friends and family, especially if you're the main person in his life.

9. He spends a lot of money on you. If he buys you expensive gifts, takes you out for expensive dinners or pays your bills without being asked, it might be an indication that he feels entitled to your affection or attention.

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