Soy candles

How to make strong scented soy candles

Let’s make it quick and simple, the recipe for four small candles.


1. 6 cups pure soy wax flakes (non-GMO if possible)
2. Natural wicks
3. Use 100% pure essential oils 80-120 drops (your favorite essential oils)
4. Prepare containers, glass, jars, or, ceramics to make sure the item is heat-proof.

Other supplies:

1. Glue or tape to hold the wick to the bottom of the container.
2. Scissors to trim your wick
3. Heat-proof container for melting the wax in.
4. Stirrer
5. Measuring cup to measure your wax
6. Workspace cover to cover work surface to make sure it can clean up easily.


1. Melt soy wax in a pot over low to medium heat. Turn up the heat slightly, taking a few minutes, using a paddle pop stick for the stirring.
2. Once melted, add 75-120 drops of essential oils.
3. The wicks, add the wicks, measure the height by holding it next to your container, and then add a few centimeters on the bottom and top. Used sticky tape, fold it around itself to make it double-sided, then secure it to the bottom of the glass or ceramic. Use a skewer to press the wicks down and stick it to the bottom. Later on, you will need something to hold the wick taut and centered on the bag clips that perfect size to fit it over the jars.
4. Pour them into the heat-proof jug and then use a microwave for 1 minute, then take them out, stir them and do microwave again for 1 minute and stir.
5. Pour the wax into the containers and leave them to set around 12 hours.

Here are some essential oils we would recommend.

Lemon Mandarin
Lavender Neroli
Orange Petitgrain
Cinnamon Tea tree
Rosemary Black paper
Cedarwood Chamomile
Basil Geranium
Bergamot Juniper berry
Clary sage Melissa
Eucalyptus Jasmine
Grapefruit Myrrh
Lemongrass Patchouli
Lime Rose
Ylang-Ylang Sandalwood
Frankincense Vanilla

Essential oils are beneficial to the emotional. The following are some calming essential oils that we would recommend.

1. Neroli - this oil is quite expensive, but it supports your body’s natural healing of the mind, body, and spirit and strengthening the emotions promoting peace, awareness, confidence, and focus.
2. Ylang-ylang — if you are looking for a stress-relieving, this one is your best choice. It supporting relaxation, balances energies, restores confidence, and supporting healthy sleep.
3. Lemon- supporting, stimulating, and promoting a deep sense of wellbeing, is perfect to start your mooring.
4. Melissa is a single essential oil to bring out gentleness; it’s a powerful effect on the brain's limbic part in emotion and memory, supporting calling and balancing emotions.

Now time to enjoy with your non-toxic candles as you make your own and you know what you put in. Suppose you don’t have time to make it and curious where to buy soy candles. We would recommend for a scented luxury soy wax candle.

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