Sharing Love with an Animal

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend. This true for all kinds of pets, as they provide emotional support and companionship. Dogs, in particular, are loyal, warm, and friendly. Research shows that 38.4% of all US households have at least one dog as a pet, 25.4% have cats and 2.1% have birds.

Pets play a critical role in improving our wellbeing and increasing the quality of life. Not only do animals require love and care, but they also reciprocate it. A healthy relationship with a pet can be a source of stability and affection, which is difficult to gain from other relationships. The relationship we have with our pets is one of dependency, where they depend on us to fulfill their needs, and in turn, they display their loyalty towards us.

Benefits of owning a pet:

Owning a pet requires a lot of work. You need to train them, feed them, and trips to the vet can be expensive. However, the monetary and emotional investment that goes into raising a pet pays off. Pets have several benefits, and some of these include:

Constant companionship:

A pet will never leave your side. Sure, pets get sick and pass away just like people, but unlike humans, they will not just simply walk out on you. Dogs, in particular, are loyal and are known to be very faithful. Even cats tend never to leave home though they may appear aloof. You are never lonely with a pet around. They have a way of keeping you busy and entertained. If you feel you have love to give, then having a pet is the best thing since they are sure to show love back in their special way.


Animals can sense danger and raise alarms when things do not appear safe. Dogs can be trained to bark when strangers are in sight or when an out-of-ordinary thing occurs. Cats can also alert owners about bad situations, and there have been multiple cases of house pets raising alarms when danger is near, like a fire or when a baby is in trouble.

Dogs can also be trained to help out the visually impaired by guiding them or people who have other kinds of disabilities, like mobility issues, since dogs can help fetch things for them.

Emotional support:

Emotional support is the number one thing a pet can provide. Animals, when treated right, love to cuddle, play, purr and show affection. Their love is pure. A dog will love you as long as you take care of their basic needs. People with mental illnesses or individuals having a hard time can greatly benefit from having a pet. Taking care of a pet gives people drive and a purpose, and in return, they get incomparable love.

Self-love can only be harnessed when that love is shared, and what better way to spread love than to raise a pet. Pets, even those rescued from unfortunate circumstances, require love to thrive and are sure to give that love back many times over.

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