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Surprise her with sex toys best gifts for her


These ideas are sure to impress her on her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas morning and beyond. There's no question that the woman in your life deserves the best, no matter the occasion. But when it comes time to find the perfect gift for her — your wife, girlfriend,

Here, you'll find the best gifts for every woman in your life, whether you're showering her with love on her birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day or another major milestone.

We are going to recommend to you "SEX TOYS" Why sex toys. Let's tell you what the benefits of sex toys are.


The health benefits of sex toys, whether alone or with a partner

- Sex toys help couples spice things up and have a variety of exciting experiences in the bedroom. If your sexual attitude is playful, your sexual relationship will be better sex for both men and women. One benefit of introducing sex toys into the dynamic is to open up a dialogue about sex and what they enjoy as individuals and a couple.


- Did you know that about 75 percent of women cannot reach orgasm through penetrative sex, and nearly 50 percent have faked the orgasms! If you use sex toys, your chances of getting an orgasm increase dramatically. Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. That's why sex toys (vibrators especially) are an excellent way to help you climax.


- Go slowly. "If you think your partner is going to be nervous or reject your suggestion of using a sex toy, don't pop it out of a box after you're both naked. Start talking about it little by little in non-sexual scenarios, like over coffee in a coffee shop," she suggests. "And don't present it as an all or nothing proposition.


- Using sex toys during mutual masturbation or sex can reduce the anxiety of being naked and help create more intimacy." If your partner is not feeling it, allow rejection of a sexual aid or sex toy, but do not give up. Let the person rejecting the sexual support or toy feel that they have power in their rejection. In addition, do be prepared to drop the idea altogether. Don't be afraid to bring it up again in a couple of weeks in a different way as a possibility, though," she says. "For example, when your partner is in a good mood or happy about something you've been generous about, remind him or her that you'd like to try a certain thing, just once, whenever they say they're ready."


- Sexual pleasure and orgasm can help you to sleep, boost immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress and boost your brainpower


10 sex toys for women

Clitoral Stimulator Purple G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator For Women Vibrating Nipples Clamp.

    Heating Vibrator Female Erotic Sex Toys
      Rabbit Vibrator Automatic Telescopic Rotation G-Spot Clitoris Stimulator
        One-click Climax Powerful Vibration Clit Stimulator
          Silicone Magic Wand Woman Sex Toy Sucking Vibrator Mobile Control
            Strap on Dildo Panties Anal Plug
              Colorful Silicone Realistic With Suction Cup Fantasy Dildos
                Multicolor Silicone Anal Plug
                  Rainbow Color Huge Penis Suction Cup
                    Spiral Penis Dildo Glass 19cm Long Thick Sex Toy



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